0.0% THC

Everything good, except THC

Everything Good, Except THC Our CBD oil is full spectrum except THC has been removed - a phyto-cannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil that contains full spectrum of naturally occurring compounds, terpenes, and flavinoids MINUS THC.

What does this mean? Our CBD products contain all the rich compounds naturally occuring in the hemp plant as we removed THC exclusively during extraction. There are hundreds of compounds known as "cannabinoids" (not to be confused with the single CBD "Cannabidiol" compound) found in hemp that have therapeutic effects. There are also many terpenes (aromatics) and flavinoids (taste) associated with calming or uplifting effects. (If you've any experience with essential oils, then you've already enjoyed the benefits of terpenes.) The only compound we've removed is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - the active compound in cannabis family plants that is psychoactive. We've used a specific strain of hemp that is rich with CBD and other phyto-cannabinoids, but low in THC. It is impossible to get "high" or experience a "head change" using our Full Spectrum* No-THC CBD products.

Then what's PCR (phyto-cannabinoid rich) mean? PCR is the more recently adopted term to refer to hemp derivatives that feature many cannabinoids.